In the case of houses built from CUBE modules, the construction time is significantly reduced. An average house takes 2 weeks* to manufacture and install.


The construction of a modular house is done at a predictable cost, since the construction has a fast turnaround time, you will know exactly when it starts and when it will be handed over. The contractual amount is guaranteed to remain unchanged with us.


Our quality assurance colleagues examine each and every installed material and completed work. The modules that roll out of the factory are delivered individually and as a building with quality documentation and a 10+ year warranty for the main structural elements.


10-year full warranty for the main structural parts: steel structure, horizontal and vertical structures, etc.


The process of building modular houses

  1. planning – creating a new plan or adapting an existing plan to the CUBE system

Duration: approx. 4 weeks

  1. authorisation/simplified notification

Duration: approx. 15 days

  1. on-site foundation, public works - you can also hire us to do this for you

Duration: approx. 1 week

  1. production of modules

Duration: about 1-2 weeks

  1. installation, commissioning

Duration: approx. 5 days

  1. warranty period

Duration: 10 years, covers the main structural parts